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Emergency Vent Dryer Cleaning Miami Beach


Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Miami Beach

Dryer vent cleaning is a service that should be performed every six months to a year, depending on factors such as dryer efficiency and age.


Many HVAC professionals say that dryer vents should be inspected and cleaned regularly.


If you find any of the following, you are in need of an emergency vent dryer cleaning:

1.   Drying times take a long time
2.   Clothes are extremely hot at the end of the cycle
3.   Dryer is making a louder noise then it usually does
4.   Your apparel is still damp after the cycle
5.    Failure of the motor or heating



Emergency Dryer Vent Cleaning Safety Tips in Miami Beach

Over time your dryer vent will fill up with lint that sneaks through your filter. Fires can occur when lint builds up in the dryer vent in an excess amount. Most people believe that there is no real problem if they can't see it, this is the worst mind set you can have. A clean and smooth running dryer vent not only saves you money but increases the safety at home. Do not wait until a problem arises! If you have not had your dryer vents cleaned recently, or you are noticing a problem with your dryer vent, call a licensed and insured Dryer Vent technician in Miami Beach Today! One call and you will be on your way to having good dryer vents.

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